Monday, March 24, 2014

Prepping for Mastectomy

We already have mastectomy scheduled for May 1st! Getting extremely close.  I found this darling book to read to the girls. (At least the oldest one). I'll let you guys know if it's worth getting.
 I'm still not nervous as of yet. I'm mentally and physically prepared, however this weekend I have to get 4 wisdom teeth taken out before surgery! I'm more nervous about that than anything!  I'm just now getting use to the new menopause symptoms. Though rare I get a few hot flashes and teary eyed every now and then.

My sweet friends are throwing a pre-mastectomy party for good positive memories. I am pretty excited and positive myself.  I've never had a large chest and actually think I might miss my "model boobs". They are good for lots of clothes and especially when I run.  I was originally thinking of not doing reconstruction because I am okay with small boobs but they quickly assured me there is a difference with no boobs and small boobs. Now that I am doing reconstruction, I haven't a clue what size?! It will be over a month of recovery and growing so no hurry figuring it out now.

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