Sunday, December 1, 2013

Finally a Correct Diagnosis!

Aside from the BRCA subject(although it ends up being related), I have been ill for about 7 months. Miserable to say at the least. I have everything going for me, amazing family, wonderful friends, proactive healthy lifestyle. You can imagine my frustrations of why am I sick emotionally and physically. We have been to endless doctors, many blood tests, x-rays, gyno visits as well as two ER trips with no answers as to why or what is starting it. I must mention I was hardly ever sick, probably the opposite of a hypochondriac yet I take care of myself fairly well and eat fairly healthy.

If it was allergies, stomach flu, cold, etc. it was magnified when I got it. Hence the ER trips from puking myself to dehydration. Even emotionally if someone made me sad, mad, angry, etc. my mind just could not handle it resulting in seeing a therapist. My mom flew in from AL and my dad soon after. Everyone professional and non had their guesses, bets and ideas on what my diagnoses would be. Some mentioned stress as I had baby 8 months ago, found out I was BRCA+ soon after,  among many other disclosed reasons to be stressed out about. So it would make sense but i kept thinking to myself, "that's silly, I'm strong and I'm really fine", but my body doesn't agree! I don't get it!

Last week a friend (crazy enough found out she was a BRCA+ previvor) recommended an amazing geneticist counselor. (I talked to two different geneticists before her as well!) Determined to find answers I didn't hesitate to make appointments with another professional. It was miraculous that I even got in after I called. I was told first appointment will be in January (2.5 months later) I said it's not worth it. When she found out I was BRCA+ I got in 2 days later.  They must know something about being BRCA+ huh? That's an understatement as I have never had so much help with the BRCA problems alone but through paperwork, questions, tests, etc. she came to the conclusion that I have been suffering from adrenal exhaustion/fatigue!!! and it all made sense. Led on by major news/events, extremely weak immune system, low blood pressure, low adrenalin, dizziness, extreme weight loss, menstrual "problems" etc. everything made sense and she was familiar with patients going through what I have been. The adrenalin could not catch up to the amount of stress I had. It was a relief alone just knowing it wasn't a more serious diagnosis. We got some meds to help and I already feel more positive with the answer alone.  I'm aware it's a work in progress but I feel free. The burden of not knowing can literally take a toll on you.

As far as the upcoming hysterectomy and double mastectomy, she took a blood test called CA -125 to check protein/hormone levels to see just how soon a hysterectomy should be done as well as having an oncologist available. Regardless All surgeries are on their way to be scheduled and at this point I'm just happy to be closer to them. I'm ready.

My mom and friends were even talking about panty party before hysterectomy and booby party before DM. Would make funny, wonderful memories celebrating being a previvor rather than focusing on losing parts. It will be hard regardless. When you search photos from previous parties, they are hilarious.

That being said, I'm taking this a day at a time and I know how lucky I am.
Much Love!


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